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Details of the Project

Project Title Bodies in translation: activist art, technology, and access to life
Program Partnership Grants (Insight)
Fiscal Year 2017
Competition Year 2016
Applicant University of Guelph
Organization and Province University of Guelph, Ontario
Amount Received $341,122.00
Discipline Interdisciplinary Studies
Area of Research Arts and culture
(at time of application)
Carla M. Rice (Applicant Org. Contact)
Aubrecht, Katie
Barry, Ben
Breen, Andrea V.
Bunch, Mary J.
Chandler, Eliza
Changfoot, Nadine
Chivers, Sally J.
Church, Kathryn L.
Crosby, Alison D.
da Silveira Gorman, Rachel
Davis Halifax, Nancy Viva
Dion, Susan D.
Dolmage, Jay T.
Douglas, Patricia N.
Fels, Deborah I.
Friedman, May
Gorman, Rachel
Hudson, Anna V.
Jones, Chelsea T.
Kelly, Christine
Liddiard, Kirsty
MacLeod, Ann
Manning, Dolleen R.
Mitchell, Allyson A.
Mykitiuk, Roxanne
Orsini, Michael
Pyne, Jake M.
Rinaldi, Jen
Roosen, Kaley M.
Rossiter, Katherine M.
Springgay, Stephanie
Treviranus, Jutta
Wilson, Kimberley J.
Yoshida, Karen K.
Keywords disability arts and culture; research creation and arts based methods; knowledge translation; technological innovation; accessibility and vitality