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Details of the Project

Project Title Inclusive early childhood service system project: a longitudinal study of familial viewpoints of early childhood disability services
Program Partnership Grants (Insight)
Fiscal Year 2017
Competition Year 2018
Applicant Toronto Metropolitan University
Organization and Province Toronto Metropolitan University, Ontario
Amount Received $295,090.00
Discipline Early Childhood Education
Area of Research Children
(at time of application)
Kathryn J.M. Underwood (Applicant Org. Contact)
Caputo, Virginia
Douglas, Patricia N.
Frankel, Elaine B.
Friendly, Martha
Hache, Arlene J.
Ineese-Nash, Nicole
Janus, Magdalena
Parekh, Gillian
Poon, Brenda T.
Spalding, Karen L.
van Rhijn, Tricia
Weber, Joanne C.
Keywords early childhood; disability; service planning; social policy