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Details of the Project

Project Title Experiences of Racialized Students in Education, Nursing, and Social Work University Programs in Saskatchewan
Program Insight Development Grants
Fiscal Year 2018
Competition Year 2018
Applicant Novotna, Gabriela
Organization and Province University of Regina, Saskatchewan
Amount Received $26,753.00
Discipline Teacher education
Area of Research Post-Secondary Education and Research
(at time of application)
Gebhard, Amanda
Hogarth, Kathy
Luhanga, Florence
McNeil, Barbara
Oba, Funke
Keywords (1) postsecondary education; (2) racialized students; (3) intersectionality; (4) critical race theory; (5) lived experience; (6) indigenization of university education; (7) racism; (8) education; (9) nursing; (10) social work