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Project Title The Daghida Project: Language Research and Revitalizatio in a First Nations Community (Cold Lake, Alberta)
Program Community-University Research Alliances (CURA)
Fiscal Year 1999
Competition Year 1999
Applicant Rice, Sally
Organization and Province University of Alberta, Alberta
Amount Received $5,000.00
Discipline Not specified
Area of Research Indigenous peoples
(at time of application)
Andrews, Janine
Bisanz, Jeffrey
Cook, Ed (Eung-Do) E.
Derwing, Bruce L..
Evans, Michael J.
Ives, Jack
Kerr, Linda
Libben, Gary H.
Nadasdi, Terry J..
Nearey, Terrance M..
Nicoladis, Elena M.
Palmer, Andie D..
Pater, Joseph V..
Schneider, Phyllis
Keywords No Keyword