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Details of the Project

Project Title Computational research on the ancient near east: an archaeological data integration, simulation, and 3-D visualization initiative
Program Partnership Grants (Insight)
Fiscal Year 2014
Competition Year 2011
Applicant University of Toronto
Organization and Province University of Toronto, Ontario
Amount Received $637,943.00
Discipline Early Civilizations (incl. origins, develop. and urban.)
Area of Research Arts and culture
(at time of application)
Harrison, Timothy P. (Applicant Org. Contact)
Chazan, Michael
Cooper, Elisabeth N.
D'Andrea, A. Catherine
Fiume, Eugene L.
Fortin, Michel
Manning, Sturt W.
Philip, Graham
Schloen, David
Keywords early civilizations; near eastern archaeology; sociopolitical complexity; social networks; cyberinfrastructure; digital repositories; data integration; computer simulation; 3-D visualization